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Becoming A Volunteer
Becoming A Volunteer
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Becoming a Volunteer

Special Olympics Ontario is a volunteer-based organization. Currently, there are close to 6000 volunteer coaches, club managers, fund-raisers and administrators providing sport programs for over 13,000 athletes in Ontario. They provide technical support for all the sport training programs and competitions, administrative support services, and host fundraising events. Our success depends on the dedication of our many volunteers. Listed below are two general areas in which the talent, skills, and expertise of volunteers are used effectively within Special Olympics at a community, regional, and/or provincial level.


These can be either on-going sport clubs or one-time special events. Positions include: coach, manager, timer, official/referee, meet/tournament coordinator, etc.

These positions require less sport technical knowledge. If you have strong organizational skills, a background in bookkeeping or public relations, your help in administering a club, community council or regional competition management team is needed. Positions include: Fundraiser, Treasurer, Public Relations/Fundraising Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Coordinator, or Club Manager.

How Do I Become a Volunteer?

It's easy!

For more volunteering information or to browse current volunteer opportunities, please visit the regional link that corresponds to where you live. A list of volunteer opportunities in each region/community is listed there. You should then contact the respective community council for further instruction.

If you have problems connecting with the appropriate person, please contact our Manager of Volunteer Services, Tracie Napoli.

To become a volunteer, you must be affiliated with an active Special Olympics Ontario sport club or community council.

All prospective volunteers must complete the following upon registration: a Registration Form (Volunteer Information Form) and Consent to Disclose Personal Information & Police Check Waiver Form (CPIC Form). Once these forms have been completed, send them to your Head Coach or Community Coordinator. He or she will then forward them to the Provincial Office. At this time, you will be a Probationary Volunteer. You will receive full volunteer status pending the results of your police records check.


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